Kroger Rewards

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Kroger Rewards

Kroger has updated their fundraising process.  No more purchasing, reloading, or reordering gift cards!

Now Spring Hill Middle School’s community can raise needed funds for its Literacy Department (Reading—Language Arts), just by scanning your Kroger Plus Card.  How awesome is that!

All you have to do, to begin supporting SHMS’s ELA department, is to go online and register your Kroger Plus card (if you haven’t already done so) then, scroll down and enter our organization number.  That’s it!

When you shop and use your Kroger Plus card to receive store discounts, you have automatically allowed Kroger to donate 4% of your spending to SHMS’s Literacy department.

Enroll in the




1. After registering your Kroger Plus Card online.

2. Go to Account Summary (logging in will bring up Account        Summary)

3. Community Rewards

4. Enroll
5. Enter Organization # 89397

6. Check Spring Hill Middle School

7. Click Enroll

8. Thank You for supporting Spring Hill Middle School’s Literacy Department!